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MasterChafe whistles. The pitch starts of high, ends up low. It's the sound you hear in cartoons when something falls. And the price of the PS3 is falling in the UK by the day. had their PS3's at a stunning £359 over the weekend, that's £66 less than the suggested £425 recommended retail price. With the price fluctuating so much, buyers are probably even more scared to buy a PS3 than they might have been on launch day, in fear that more price drops are to follow. On the flip side, those waiting for the PS3 to come down to £300 might not be waiting long.

Please Help: Is my Xbox 360 FAULTY?


Calling all tech-heads! I seem to be having a problem with my Xbox 360 - and casting my mind back, I've had this problem since the day I bought it - the 360 launch. A year ago, Perfect Dark Zero, all the textures, well, they were flickering all over the place. It looked horrible, but I just put it down to my crappy TV. Since then, I've purchased a nice Bravia HDTV which supports 60hz flicker rate, and all those nifty HD modes too. The dashboard looks lovely, but all the games I play persist to flicker and ruin my experience. Some games do this more than others though, The Godfather wasn't so bad - but Call of Duty 2, which I only just got around to playing, was pretty dire too. Saints Row, Dead Rising, both bad - but none as bad as Gears of War. Below is a video of Xbox 360's killer app game - if you think you know this fault, please post so I can give Microsoft a piece of my mind over the phone, and at least pretend to know what I'm talking about. Could this be a faulty GPU?

Killer app my eye!

We're going through changes.


Much like Ozzy and daughter Kelly went through changes some time ago now...

...We'll let you know when we get that fly-on-the-wall style documentary, but until then, just wait for MasterChafe to come back, full of exciting changes.

One of the biggest changes you'll experience soon is that we'll actually start to post again.

Goldeneye on the Xbox 360 maybe? *gasp*


"I don't like what Big-Head-Mode does to my face." ~ MasterChafe

Let me just get my breath back. I've just heard the best piece of gaming news for a long while. That EA have let the Bond licence go to Activision!

So what could this mean? Well, Activision could now work on making the old Goldeneye game graphically rich - if, of course, Microsoft and Rare agreed. But I'm sure they would, considering the amount of people holding out for a Goldeneye remake. Or maybe Activision could work closely with Rare to make something spectacular.

EA were stubborn bastards when it came to Microsoft. PS2 had online EA games long before Xbox LIVE did, maybe Activison has better ties with Microsoft - or maybe even Bill Gates will just 'aqquire' Activision over the next few months, who knows.

Of course, Microsoft themselves would have been a better candidate for buying the Bond licence - but with EA now out of the picture, who knows what might lie around the corner.

Real information:

"The licence entitles Activison to make movie-tie-in Bond games, as well as Bond games that are stand-alone, and Activision's licence lasts until 2012!"

The sauce goes right to the source.

Ho ho! It arrived yesterday, any guesses as to how I spent my night?

Good old Lik-Sang got my DSlite to my in no more than a mere three days with DHL Shipping. The machine itself is perfect. No stuck pixels, no problems charging in the UK thanks to a USB Charger sold at the same place - and the build quality is superb - no slack-Alice-hinges.

Even though the machine looks a rather attractive blue here, in poor lighting conditions, the DSlite actually looks black. If you're holding out for a black DSlite, then Navy is the closest thing available. A DS that changes colour in different lighting conditions. Who'd have thought it?

To say the DSlite oozes quality is an understatement. It's a joy to hold, a joy to look at, and a joy to show off. Especially in the grass...

The four brightness levels are a godsend. The brightest option can surpass the PSP's high level of light, even in the sun, the DSlite's screen doesn't really wash out at all. Pictured is brightness level two.

I can't complain with my Navy. Well, I suppose I can. It does show finger prints on the back of the unit, but inside, there's no glossy finish, so no finger prints on the buttons, which more than makes up for the grease-magnet gloss on the outside. Still, PSP owners should be used to seeing their thumb marks on their machines. Lik-Sang was fantastic. They bundled in instructions on how to turn the unit into English - which is a life saver, as I would never have figured it out on my own. I suggest you buy one right now, from there, here. Click my pictures for enlargements - and ask me any questions below using the comment box. I'll get back to you ASAP!

The DSlite has restored once again my faith in Nintendo. After the Wii ordeal, and all.

Now that's just taking the piss.

Complete chaos has broken out across all the Nintendo forums, as the new name for the Revolution is revealed. Fanboys are actually threatening never to touch a Nintendo product again. Not hours after the name was changed, greedy Cyber-Squatters stole all the best domains, including, wiigamer, wiibay, and - and if you take a look on eBay, you can already find various domains and gmail addresses, and Wii-related.

As Wii3 aproaches, people are speculating all sorts of things. Will the Nintendo Wii and the DS-Shite have some kind of link up features?

Joking aside, I'm actually busting for a Wii - come November, hopefully I'll be able to relieve myself.

Was Nintendo right to rename it Wii? I guess Wii shall see...

Nintendo Wii (previously known as Nintendo Revolution) just dragged MasterChafe out of a mini-retirement!

Apart from toilet related jokes, what does Wii have over Revolution? Wii isn't Revolutionary - not to the average person who has no difficulty going to the toilet anyway. A Nintendo spokesperson didn't have anything to say at the time of going to press, but if they would have had something to say, it might have been "I didn't want to piss on your chips or anything, but..."

"We used this picture back in November, when we was just as unpopular then as we are now!" ~ Master Chafe.

Some might say that MasterChafe was inspired by Master Chief. Those people might be right, but not anymore. Good old Halo 2, the cult Xbox game, which I still play on my 360 (as there are no good 360 games out yet) is coming to the PC. That's no problem, I couldn't wait for some high-spec-laptop lanning on that game. However, there's a catch, like there always is with Microsoft. You have to have the new operating system, Windows Vista. Considering that XP has only just been perfected (perfected is such a strong, wrong word too) - I'm not switching to Vista, a new OS that will more than likely be hacker prone for a good two years.

Am I wrong to get annoyed?
Computer says yes.

It's not really the Chief's fault, even if he is in on the whole money
making scheme. Halo 3 on the 360 should be good, providing you don't have to buy an 'expansion pack' of sorts.

*MasterChafe would like to add that we really do love Bungie, even if they do keep us poor. This is merely a rough patch in our relationship.*

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